Sami's Art has evolved from many years of varied experiences and experimentation in different forms of art.

Pumpkins & Golden Doodles

Pumpkins & Golden Doodles

Pumpkins and Fall Colors

One of my neighbors had these pumpkins on their porch and I loved the setup. Had to take a picture, then it begged to be painted in a virtual watercolor. Enjoy!

Obie Painting

Golden Doodle Obie Portrait




I finally finished Obie’s painting and it looked gorgeous in a wide weathered light brown frame. It is a virtual watercolor. Obie is a gorgeous Golden Doodle.  It only took me all summer to finish.



JHS Connected United 4 Change

girls_ptroil1smI was working for my granddaughter, Abby and her organization, JHS Connected United 4 Change. I did three virtual watercolors for her to sell for their nonprofit obumpewelcome_finalsmrganization. They are improving sustainability in our communities one connection at a time. The girls in Bumpe are helping them in their efforts to buy them solar panels. They made 200 beautiful bracelets to sell This is to help these girls in Bumpe have the means to study and stay in school! Right now they only have a generator for electricity. These dedicated students in Bumpe, Sierra Leone need and deserve solar energy. Please help the make this possible by donating to !









I have been bringing my flowers in for the winter and loved the way these geraniums looked. Just had to play with it. Let me know what you think of my paintings. Take time to enjoy the beauty around you. You can always find one thing of beauty in each day if you look.  Let your creativity flow. Let me know what you think about the paintings and what you like to see. Safe journeys, I’ll see you in the coming weeks. The wine bottle painting is still in the works as Obie had to be finished first.


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I reside in Northeast Ohio after traveling from coast to coast and living in both rural and metropolitan areas from Los Angeles to New York and of course the Midwest. I am a third generation artist and have been painting since the early 1960s. I have always cared deeply about animals, both domestic and wild, and the preservation of endangered species, has always been a concern as well. Most recently, I was involved in animal rescue work, finding homes for over 11,000 dogs and cats over the previous 12 years. It's only natural then, that I am drawn to animals and nature for my art subjects. I have also explored the metaphysical including creative imagination, Reiki, crystal healing, tai chi, feng shui and yoga and feel they add depth to my art as well. By creating an emotional connection for the viewer I hope my artwork will create concern and compassion for our natural world and its wild inhabitants, and help stimulate conservation efforts. My love of historic buildings and their conservation led me to doing the house portraits and my architectural works