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Sami's Art provides spectacular digital art, watercolor, ink & pen, & digital paintings from photographs and creative inspiration. For that special moment in time buy a collectible painting of animals, nature or landscapes, or a pyramid or gift with classic and inspirational paintings for any occasion.

House Portraits
House Portraits
House Portraits
House Portraits
House Portraits

House Portraits

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Commissioned House Portraits.

I love historical landmarks and older buildings. I started painting some of the landmarks around where I live and then the house portraits came from that.  My landscape portfolio consists of historic sites and breathtaking scenery, mainly in the Canal Fulton area of Northeast Ohio, as well as beloved homes and manors. This quaint littel yellow cottage in Michigan was one of my favorite  watercolor & ink paintings. Ravenwood, a bed and breakfast in Provincetown is one of my latest works.  All works of art are as unique as the individuals who commission them.
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I worked with:

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  • Watercolor
  • Ink
  • Mixed Media
  • Acrylic
  • from Photos
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This is a watercolor and ink painting of a vacation
cottage in Michigan.


Ruch Bed and Breakfast

This beautiful historic home is a bed and breakfast near
me.  They also used this painting in their marketing materials.
This is a watercolor and ink painting.


Ravenwood Bed and Breakfast

Ravenwood is a lovely bed and breakfast in Provincetown
and I fell in love with it on a visit there. This is a mixed
media painting of ink, watercolor and acrylic.


Crissy's house

This painting was a present from the children on the west coast
to their parents on the east coast. It was so much fun to paint
because of their enthusiasm. It is a watercolor and ink painting.[/su_row][su_row]


This is the Canal Fulton Library and I loved the classic lines.When it was being renovated I decided to paint it to
save the memory of the original building. This is a watercolor and ink painting.[/su_row]

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