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Sami's Art provides spectacular digital art, watercolor, ink & pen, & digital paintings from photographs and creative inspiration. For that special moment in time buy a collectible painting of animals, nature or landscapes, or a pyramid or gift with classic and inspirational paintings for any occasion.

Cat Portraits
Cat Portraits
Cat Portraits
Cat Portraits
Cat Portraits
Cat Portraits

Cat Portraits

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Commissioned Cat Paintings and photography!

Being an animal lover and having spent many years surrounded by pets of all kinds during my pet rescue years, I understand how important it is to not only capture the physical characteristics of your cat, but also the spirit within. And cats have such independent spirits. While dogs were easy to place, the cats were more difficult and sometimes stayed a long time. We always had cats and kittens around and both the dogs and cats learned to live harmoniously together.

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I worked with:

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  • Photography
  • Virtual/Digital Paintings
  • Watercolor
  • Ink

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Bismark was a red seal point ragdoll cat with brilliant
blue eyes and a charming personality. He was very dominant  &
independent in our 5 cat & 11 dog family. This photo by Sami
is a full head shot showing Bismark, the red seal point ragdoll
cat’s blue eyes and beautiful coloring.   [/su_row][su_row]

Best Friends

Watercolor and Pen Painting of Salem & Logan cuddled
in a hosta next to a cedar wall. Colorful Calico & Yellow
Tabby would be a delight for any cat lover. This was a
painting for my niece. Art by Sami[/su_row] [su_row]4troop1024x400 masterslider

This virtual painting of Troop was for a friend of mine.
Troop is quite a character and many times would make himself
known when we were on the phone together. Troop definitely
knows who rules the house and is quite a character.[/su_row][su_row]

4oreo1024x400 mastersliderOreo and Emmet were fun to paint. Emmet was a pug puppy
and Oreo wasn’t at all sure of him. I took the photos for both
of them separately and then organized this watercolor
and ink painting.[/su_row]

I met KekKekoeoe in Lee Mass and took his pictures in the
van he was traveling in. His blue eyes and
majestic spirit were unforgettable.

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