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Sami’s Art Blog January Issue

Sami’s Art Blog, January Issue

Winter Ice

Hi Again!

Welcome to 2018!!! I decided the  Winter Ice Painting was appropriate as we have ice and snow in Ohio now with more to come. Not fun to drive in, but beautiful when it first comes down. Winter Ice was my front yard when I first moved to Ohio in 2002. It was impossible to get up the drive when winter set in but it was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful.

In the last blog I talked about starting my new shop, Sami’s Art Shop.  It is up and going strong. If you haven’t bought anything yet, be sure to use the 20% off coupon, FIRST20, when you come visit.  The shop, which has an overall theme of nature, now has 20 pet portraits in the Animals Category, 18 paintings in the Wildlife Category including Polar Bears, Wolves, Red-Tailed Hawks, Herons, ducks & butterflies, 35 paintings in the Places Category including paintings from Ireland to Ohio, and 13 paintings in the Flowers Category.   I have been busy!  I also finished my portrait of Easy, a Quarterhorse in California and the prints are for sale in my shop.

I am currently working on a commission of some very cute doggies which I can’t show as it is a surprise gift :).  Several other dog portraits for the shop, as well as a few landscapes from a recent trip to Chautauqua, New York are running around on my drafting board. The lake is stunning.

I also redid my original Sami’s Art website so now it has my commissioned art pieces. Come visit Sami’s Art Shop, browse,  and share with friends.


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I reside in Northeast Ohio after traveling from coast to coast and living in both rural and metropolitan areas from Los Angeles to New York and of course the Midwest. I am a third generation artist and have been painting since the early 1960s. I have always cared deeply about animals, both domestic and wild, and the preservation of endangered species, has always been a concern as well. Most recently, I was involved in animal rescue work, finding homes for over 11,000 dogs and cats over the previous 12 years. It's only natural then, that I am drawn to animals and nature for my art subjects. I have also explored the metaphysical including creative imagination, Reiki, crystal healing, tai chi, feng shui and yoga and feel they add depth to my art as well. By creating an emotional connection for the viewer I hope my artwork will create concern and compassion for our natural world and its wild inhabitants, and help stimulate conservation efforts. My love of historic buildings and their conservation led me to doing the house portraits and my architectural works